Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 52

Day 52 "African Violets"
A few weeks back I found a little pot of African Violets in the sale aisle ... 
I absolutely love these adorable flowers and purchased them to add 
a little cheer to my kitchen garden window.   They are now in full
bloom and so pretty I decided to use them for my fifty-second sketch.

Happy day to all!
Karen Anne


  1. Stunning, 52 sketches & all wonderful!

  2. I don't know about all wonderful (look back ... some weren't so hot!) but it is an eye opening experience ...

    I would encourage everyone to try this challenge. It is not easy, but it does open up your eye's to yourself.

    24 to go ... this will be like trying to reach the peak of a mountain top ... only two ways to go ... Up or slide back down. I am going for UP!

  3. I've missed being able to comment, hope this one takes, they've all disappeared over the past few weeks...

    The african violets reminded me of the gift my husband gave to my Mom the day they met. It's a beautiful sketch.

  4. Karen Anne, your dancers are just delightful! I would have trouble just coming up with 75 ideas for sketches!

  5. Well, Debbie, to think up 75 ideas for sketches all it once would be quite daunting. Coming up with one a day isn't ... some days I know right away what I want to sketch; other days it is a bit of a struggle!

    The dancing mannequin was one of those days I was struggling until I saw the little guy stuck among my supplies ... he just seemed to want to break out of the jumble and dance!

  6. Hi Gloria! You can thank Stacy for being able to comment on my blog ... she said the same had happened with her blog and to change the comments from "embedded" to "Pop-up window" ... it works!

    I'll bet your Mom thought that was awfully special when your hubby gave her those African Violets.

  7. My friend, first I have to say, your new blog look is fantastic! Love it so much! Your sketch is stunning! My mom loves African Violets too! Hugs ;o)

  8. I'm glad you like it Stacy! I figured if you could move over to the new blog format ... so could I!

    Thank you for your wonderful comment about the African Violets ... who doesn't like these little tidbits of happiness ....

  9. What is this challenge? I'm loving your gorgeous work!

  10. The Challenge is to draw 75 Ink Drawings in 75 Days (no pencils or erasers) ... you can read all the details at

    I am delighted that you like my work! And even happier that you took the time to leave a comment ...


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