Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 48

For day 48, I decided to try out some unfamiliar zentangle patterns ....


  1. I am in awe of your designs, they seem organic in the way they evolve, great one Karen Anne :)

  2. Hi Shelle! Wow! That must be the ultimate compliment, thank you so much. In a sense, I guess they are organic because I never have a plan ... I start and then the designs just seem to evolve.

  3. Karen Anne!! Wow!!! I agree with Shelle, your zentangles do seem organic in the way they come alive!! Stunning my friend!

    Karen Anne, I don't know if you read the aceo challenge blog, but Gloria from NewEndStudio, can't seem to comment on your blog. I know around 10 people couldn't comment on mine either, because I had it set up, the way you do, so I changed mine to the pop up window. Now everyone can comment. I wish Blogger would leave things alone! LOL!

    Big Hugs ;o)

  4. After all this wonderful detail, I am sure the patterns are quite familiar to you now!

  5. Oh my,Stacy ... I have been so busy lately, with the 75 Day Sketch Challenge and working on completing my Zentangle Number series, that I haven't been visiting as many blogs as I normally like.

    But I did just pop over and vote for my fav ACEO for the month! Thanks for the reminder....

    Pop-Up window? What's that? Is it the new blogger format you are talking about?

    Big hugs to a great freind!

  6. Yes they are Debbie! I really like the one that looks like a strand of pearls, followed by the one that looks like a braid. I have used both of them in my number 6. Once I have all the numbers completed I'll start posting pics of them.

    As I have been working on this number series I realized how limited my patterns are and decided it was high time to incorporate some new life into my work!


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