Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day Twenty-five

I have missed designing new outfits for my "Humming Belles" paper dolls so I thought today would be fun to create a new dress as my challenge sketch.

I do so enjoy creating new outfits, props and scenes for these little charmers ... guess I'm going to have to get busy with these so they don't feel neglected!

Have a grand day!
Karen Anne Brady


  1. Pretty dress, I can hear the bagpipes now. My father in law played the ueillan pipes, the Irish ones which went under the arm. I thought of that with this dress or is she Scots or other?

  2. Well, Gloria, when it comes to the "Humming Belles" this dress can be whatever you want it to be ....

    You are invited to meet the Humming Belles & Beau in person, if you'd like, at

    and at

  3. PS Glad this little dress brought back some happy memories to you Gloria!


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