Wednesday, May 29, 2013

In a Jar ...........

Awhile back my ACEO eBay Group held a challenge based on what you could find in a jar ... with the subject jar being an old fashioned canning jar.  I came up with three versions ....

I am happy to say, the challenge worked out quite well for me because these three ACEOs sold really quickly on eBay!   Thanks to the wonderful equipment we now have, prints are still available in my Etsy Shop.  

This week I am working on a new challenge, the theme is "Fish".  On June 1st, I will be posting all the "Fish" themed ACEOs to eBay and Etsy.  I like the way they are coming along ....

Take care and be happy!
Karen Anne aka Ireland Brady

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Egg Shells to Start Seeds"

Awhile back there was a "share" on Facebook about using emptied egg shells to start seedlings.  I began saving a few egg shells to try it out ... ended up with 9.  Last week I filled them with dirt and added 4 Swiss Chard seeds to each shell, figured at 4 to a shell I might get at least one start.

I saved an egg carton to use to hold the egg shells, since I had 3 empty spots left in the carton I added dirt and seeds to those spots as well.  I also had some discs on hand from previous attempts at starts so I put 4 of them into water to swell up and then added a bean seed to each of them.  Want to see which method works best.

I was wishing I had a mini-indoor green house and then I had an "Ah-Ha!" moment!  Wonder if my glass cake dome would work like a glass garden bell?  So I pulled out the glass cake platter and dome, placed all my newly planted and watered seeds on the platter and covered all with the cake dome.

I did this about last Thursday and today when I checked on them, lo and behold I beheld little baby swiss chard starts popping out in 3 shells and one egg carton spot!  My Cake Dome Green House seems to be working!  Yay!

Egg Shell Seed Containers

Cake Dome Mini-indoor Green House

Nice humidity provided inside the cake dome green house!

Once they are bursting out of their shells ... I will pop them into my raised veggie garden ... Yes!

Happy day to all!
Karen Anne 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Seahorse and Mermaid" and US Bank Alert

Here is a cute little seahorse with a charming young mermaid ....

"Seahorse and Mermaid"

I had an interesting thing happen today ... I received an email from US Bank that things had been compromised on our account and I should click on a link to update my information; if I didn't do so within 48 hours my account would be frozen.  So, I clicked on the link and received a warning that I would be directed to a "Phishing" (phoney) site and should take care before so doing.

I backed out and reread the email ... it sure looked official!  Except the email address didn't look quite right.  Then I studied the correspondence and decided even I could have made up this official looking message with my limited knowledge of Photoshop.  I checked my US Bank account online and discovered no recent alerts had been sent to me today and decided to call the bank.

Turns out, it was a scam!  The bank rep said that, unfortunately, people are getting really innovative at getting personal info in order to take over your accounts, etc.  She said I had done the right thing in listening to my instincts and not proceeding any further with the email link.

Moral of this story?  If it seems "phishy", verify it by calling the establishment at a phone number you know is theirs' before proceeding ....

Have a great week!  Looks like we are in store for some summer like days here in Oregon for about a week!  Yes!