Sunday, March 20, 2011

"DayDay turns 21 today!"

I can't believe it, our oldest grandson, Dayton "DayDay" turned 21 today!  My oh my, how time does fly!
It seems like just yesterday when he was this sweet little angel ...

and then he graduated from high school ...

And now he is a young man working and attending college ...
Life passes by so quickly ....
My birthday wish for DayDay is good health, good luck, good love 
and happiness and joy in the life he has been given.
Happy Birthday my dear DayDay!

Gramma Karen Anne

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Eirinn Go Brach!"

After I completed "Irish Eyes Are Smiling" I decided I liked the character so well that I would illustrate a larger version with more detail.  Today I finished "Eirinn Go Brach!" and I must say, I am really pleased with the results.

I haven't had a chance to list him yet in My Etsy Shop but I thought I give my blog friends a preview...

"Eirinn Go Brach"

Hope you like him as much as I do!
Happy Day!
Karen Anne aka IrelandBrady

Friday, March 11, 2011

"Two New ACEO's"

I have been busy working on celtic knotwork design exercises and finally decided it was time to do some ACEO's.  This first one is a variation on a design I learned through exercises in Sheila Sturrock's book, "Celtic Knotwork Designs" ......

In this next ACEO I have combined my love of drawing people with my love for celtic designs and come up with my version of "Irish Eyes Are Smiling". The inspiration for this came from a picture of a mountain man my husband was using for one of his projects. When I saw the picture I saw an Irishman in his kilt and holding his shillelagh (prounounced shih-LAY-lee), a far cry from a gruffy looking mountain man wouldn't you say! Anyway, that is the image I saw in my mind and drew.

I have listed both ACEO's in My Etsy Shop today.  If you get a chance, stop by and visit!

Happy Day!
Karen Anne aka IrelandBrady

Friday, March 4, 2011

"Celtic Knotwork Designs" by Sheila Sturrock-Exercises #58 to #63"

Today I was able to work in six exercises from Chapter 6 of Sheila's Sturrock's book "Celtic Knotwork Designs".  With each design I find my confidence building and the ribbons are becoming more consistent in their widths.  By coloring them in I am adding my own personal touch to each design.

Today my husband asked, "Just how many exercises are there in that book?", so I took a look ... there are at least 222 exercises!  As I am now only up to 63 that leaves 159 exercises to complete, hmmm .... I may not be posting all the exercise designs in my blog after all.  I'd probably end up boring you all to tears!

I will keep my goal of completing the book, however .... I think I am going to have to pace myself and get some art pieces for My Etsy Shop completed and posted; otherwise people may think I have fallen off the planet because I am not adding to my shop's inventory.  Don't want that to happen!  I think I'll try to incorporate some of what I have already learned into my next art work.

"Exercises 58 through 63"

Take care all and God Bless,
Karen Anne aka IrelandBrady

Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Chapter 6 - Exercises #52 through #57"

I was back to the drawing pad with some celtic knot designs today, not as many as yesterday but I did manage to get in a couple.  I have now entered into Chapter 6 of Sheila Sturrock's "Celtic Knotwork Design" and am relaxing enough to have a bit of fun by coloring them in.

Today I completed designs number 52 through 57.  Would have completed more but regular life imposed upon me (doing dishes, cleaning up messes, paying bills, preparing food ... you know the mundane stuff that keeps one's life comfortable), oh to have a house keeper!  That is my fantasy dream!

With no further ado, here is what I completed today:

"Exercises #52 through #57"

If you should ever decide you want to try your hand at celtic knotwork, get Sheila's book;  she has brilliantly laid out and simplified the art of celtic knotwork!  

Take care and happy day!
Karen Anne aka IrelandBrady

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Celtic Knot Design Exercises #23 through #51"

I have been a busy person today!  I was so excited about learning more celtic knot designs that I started in at 6:30AM today and finally pried my fingers off my pen tonight at 5:30PM.  I think I over did it, my fingers were locked in position!  And "Danny Boy" (my miniature pinscher) was not too happy with me today ... I guess he felt ignored, poor baby!

I did mange to complete two pages of celtic knot exercises from Chapter 5 of Sheila Sturrock's book "Celtic Knotwork Designs" and am pleased with how much I have learned.  I also received, in today's mail, "Celtic Knotwork Handbook" by Sheila Sturrock, which is a smaller condensed version of "Celtic Knotwork Designs".  It is small and compact and I'll be able to take it along on trips, etc. and practice designs whenever I find the opportunity.  Yes!

So... here are the two pages of exercises I completed today .....
"Exercises #23 to #38"

"Exercises #39 to #51"

As you can see, the designs are beginning to get more detailed and complex.  This is so much fun and exciting to be learning something I thought was beyond my comprehension!  I am now beginning to understand the plotting and how one can alter a design to give it a different perspective.  

My eldest grandson requested that I create a celtic design for him to have made into a tattoo awhile back and I told him I didn't think I was capable of doing one.  By the time I have finished this book I think I will have the confidence to create a special design just for him.  Won't that be grand!

Take care all and may your day be filled with blessings and love!
Karen Anne aka IrelandBrady

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Learning The In's & Out's of Celtic Knots"

I really want to know more about the art of Celtic Knot Designs so I purchased several books by various authors.  The one book that really "clicked" with the way my mind works is Celtic Knotwork Designs by Sheila Sturrock.  I received the publication, with others, yesterday and immediately started myself on a regime of trying out each of the designs she has patiently laid out, beginning with design #1.

I hope to become versatile in Celtic Knot Designs so that eventually I can incorporate these wonderful designs into my art work in ways that will enhance what I am creating.

I thought those of you who are following along might enjoy watching my progress of the various exercises through the chapters in her book.  I have just completed Chapter 3 and am attaching the exercises I have so far completed.
Exercises #1 through #13

Exercises #14 through #22

If any of you are interested in learning the art of celtic knot designs you can purchase reasonably priced books through  If you are interested in books by Sheila Sturrock here is a direct link to her books through

As I said earlier, I have been through several books and her books really connect with the way my mind works and I am clearly understanding each lesson I learn.  Many thanks to Sheila Sturrock!

Take care and happy day!
Karen Anne aka IrelandBrady