Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Reflections of an Art Studio Doorknob

This month's art challenge at the Colored Pencil Magazine is #1302 "Doorknob" from a photo by Michael A. Kechula (his link will take you to his site).  When I first saw the photo, I was far from charmed ... it was of a badly painted door, frame, and doorknob.  First I thought of the doorknob from Disney's "Alice in Wonderland" ... but since Disney had already done that ... it was out.  Then I looked at the photo again and was INSPIRED!  Here is the colored pencil illustration from that inspiration that I finally completed today ....

"Reflections of an Art Studio Doorknob"

I began this illustration on January 26, 2013 and finished it today, January 30, 2013 ... and while I was working on it I also scanned the progress to share with you .....

Now, if you would like to see the work in progress set to music, just click on this YouTube link to be taken to my slideshow video titled "Reflections of an Art Studio Doorknob"!

The finished size of this piece is 8.5" x 8.75", was done on Strathmore Bristal smooth paper using colored pencils (Prisma Verithins, Lyra Rembrandt, and Lyra Rembrandt skin tones colored pencils) and artist marker pens.

I hope you like what I have done and enjoy the slideshow (if you watch it)!

Happy Day!
Karen Anne aka Ireland Brady

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Colored Pencil Magazine January 2013 Challenge

The Colored Pencil Magazine January Challenge is from a photo of a Beta Fish.  I really had a lot of fun with this illustration!  As I was drawing my pencil sketch I kept thinking of a 1950's Hot Rod with flames shooting back from the front of the car, guess the way I drew the fin tips is what inspired that idea.  Anyway, I decided to go with the hot rod flame theme ... worked for me since I was in a bit of a fanciful mood anyway.  Guess one could call this a "Hot Rod Flame Beta"!

This illustration was completed on Stonehenge paper using Verithin and Lyra Rembrandt colored pencils.  I find these two brands work well together for me.  I did use some art marker pen to sharpen up the detail around the eyes and mouth.  The finished size is 8.5" x 10.5" and I will be posting open edition art prints and ACEOs of it in my Etsy Store shortly.

"Flame, the Hot Red Crown Fin Beta Fish"

Here is the theme photo for this month's challenge...

If you would like to see the other great entries, use this link to the CPM Challenge Pool on Flickr 

If you are a colored pencil artist, why not join in on the challenges?  They are loads of fun and there are categories for pros and beginners alike, so all are welcome to join in!

Take care and be happy!
Karen Anne aka Ireland Brady

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The January 2013 Colored Pencil Magazine challege

January's challenge at the CPM  is of a snow leopard, here is the original photo that has been provided for interpretation ....
a magnificent cat to be sure!

Drawings of animals are NOT a strong suit with me ... in fact, I generally avoid them so this was a real challenge!  I have a heck of a time drawing anything facing to the right, this being a cat facing the right was just too much of a challenge, so when I downloaded the photo image I flipped it so the leopard was facing to the left ... better odds that I would actually capture an image that somewhat bore a resemblance of the original photo.

That being said, here is my attempt at a "Snow Leopard" ...

You can view all the entries at:
You will find many wonderful entries here and a wide range of artistic interpretations!

I am super excited about the February Challenge, it is of a red beta fish with glorious fins!  Working on it right now and look forward to sharing my version in a week or so.... Yes!

Take care and be happy!
Karen Anne

PS  If you are an artist who works with colored pencils, why not come over and join in on the challenges?  It is for Pros and Students alike!  It is loads of fun and one terrific group of people!