Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The January 2013 Colored Pencil Magazine challege

January's challenge at the CPM  is of a snow leopard, here is the original photo that has been provided for interpretation ....
a magnificent cat to be sure!

Drawings of animals are NOT a strong suit with me ... in fact, I generally avoid them so this was a real challenge!  I have a heck of a time drawing anything facing to the right, this being a cat facing the right was just too much of a challenge, so when I downloaded the photo image I flipped it so the leopard was facing to the left ... better odds that I would actually capture an image that somewhat bore a resemblance of the original photo.

That being said, here is my attempt at a "Snow Leopard" ...

You can view all the entries at:
You will find many wonderful entries here and a wide range of artistic interpretations!

I am super excited about the February Challenge, it is of a red beta fish with glorious fins!  Working on it right now and look forward to sharing my version in a week or so.... Yes!

Take care and be happy!
Karen Anne

PS  If you are an artist who works with colored pencils, why not come over and join in on the challenges?  It is for Pros and Students alike!  It is loads of fun and one terrific group of people!


  1. I think you did absolutely fantastic!

    1. Thank You Kyra! I think I did OK ... but I love your "fantastic" compliment!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Laura! I like "beautiful" comment! 8)

  3. I think your cat has more expression that the original--beautiful job! I'm always impressed!

    1. Well thank you very much Debbie! You girls are making me feel better about how this leopard turned out.

  4. Wow!! You always amaze me Karen Anne! I love his eyes! Beautiful! So very beautiful! A+++ I just realized, we have the same blog background! LOL! Didn't mean to copy you!!!

    1. You picked out what I like best about this one Stacy! LOL! Finally got the glossy eye look going on ... Yes!

      Hey, its a great background and great minds think alike! Actually, I took it as a big compliment ... 8) I noticed it right away ... guess I must subliminily (sp?) be on your mind? LOL!

      Thanks for visiting Stacy, I always enjoy your sweet company ....


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