Friday, January 29, 2010

Finding new artists to share ....

One of the things I would like to do with my blog is share the artwork of other artists I find on my wanderings through Etsy.

Today I would like to introduce you to the beautiful artwork of JodiDoodles. Her floral drawings are exquisite ... you can find Jodi's shop at:

Take a visit to her shop and see if you don't agree.

New blogger on the block ...

Hi! My name is Karen Anne aka IrelandBrady ... I am new to blogging so I'll just start off telling you a bit about myself.
I am a visual artist, have been drawing ever since I can remember. Put a pen or pencil in my hand and a drawing or doodling will happen! After years of drawing I have finally decided I really like drawing charming children and fairies. I like my drawings to look into the eyes of the viewer and draw them in; so they start dreaming up a story to go with the drawing.

I often wonder if I have ADD ... when I was younger my Mom could always tag a subject I had no interest in because the text books associated with that class where LOADED with various doodles! In the margins, over the text, anywhere I could find a blank spot! My Mom said she loved opening those books and looking at my bits and pieces of art dispersed throughout the books. The more doodles, the more boring the class! Amazing that I graduated!

My mind is so easily distracted, I actually have a hard time driving! I'll start out with the best of intentions when something catches my eyes and my imagination goes into over drive wondering how I could use this, what colors would I employ, is there a new technique I could try, etc. Inevitably I drive right past my destination...sometimes by several miles! Thank God my children gave us a TomTom for Christmas! Now when I am off in my day dream world, TomTom jousts me out and I actually get to my destination on my first attempt!