Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Celtic Knot Design Exercises #23 through #51"

I have been a busy person today!  I was so excited about learning more celtic knot designs that I started in at 6:30AM today and finally pried my fingers off my pen tonight at 5:30PM.  I think I over did it, my fingers were locked in position!  And "Danny Boy" (my miniature pinscher) was not too happy with me today ... I guess he felt ignored, poor baby!

I did mange to complete two pages of celtic knot exercises from Chapter 5 of Sheila Sturrock's book "Celtic Knotwork Designs" and am pleased with how much I have learned.  I also received, in today's mail, "Celtic Knotwork Handbook" by Sheila Sturrock, which is a smaller condensed version of "Celtic Knotwork Designs".  It is small and compact and I'll be able to take it along on trips, etc. and practice designs whenever I find the opportunity.  Yes!

So... here are the two pages of exercises I completed today .....
"Exercises #23 to #38"

"Exercises #39 to #51"

As you can see, the designs are beginning to get more detailed and complex.  This is so much fun and exciting to be learning something I thought was beyond my comprehension!  I am now beginning to understand the plotting and how one can alter a design to give it a different perspective.  

My eldest grandson requested that I create a celtic design for him to have made into a tattoo awhile back and I told him I didn't think I was capable of doing one.  By the time I have finished this book I think I will have the confidence to create a special design just for him.  Won't that be grand!

Take care all and may your day be filled with blessings and love!
Karen Anne aka IrelandBrady


  1. Karen Anne, you are doing great!! That would be so special to design a tatoo for your grandson! If you do it, please share! I would love to see it! Make sure you hug your puppy ;o)

  2. These are really beautiful! They are so intricate - thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks Stacy! If/when I design a tattoo for my grandson, I will definitely share! LOL! And I did hug my little guy shortly after I posted this post!

  4. You're welcome Kathleen! And thank you for the compliment, actually .. the instructions are so clear and easy I think anyone could master Sheila's technique. And thanks for watching my progress in this latest endeavor ...


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