Sunday, March 20, 2011

"DayDay turns 21 today!"

I can't believe it, our oldest grandson, Dayton "DayDay" turned 21 today!  My oh my, how time does fly!
It seems like just yesterday when he was this sweet little angel ...

and then he graduated from high school ...

And now he is a young man working and attending college ...
Life passes by so quickly ....
My birthday wish for DayDay is good health, good luck, good love 
and happiness and joy in the life he has been given.
Happy Birthday my dear DayDay!

Gramma Karen Anne


  1. Love the sketches of your grandson. Happy birthday to him.

  2. WOw, Happy Birthday Dayton! Love the sketches you did Karen Anne!

  3. Thanks Marlene and Stacy! Will relay your wishes to him!

  4. Karen please give your grandson birthday greetings...and I just received exciting news...I am going to be a Grandma for the first time! I wish I could sketch as well as you..I would love to start a collection like you seemed to have done...such a nice tradition!

  5. Ah, thank you Deborah ... your greetings will be indeed passed onto DayDay! Being a Grandma for the first time is an awesome experience! It's hard not to over spoil the first ... It is grand to have 10 grandkids, but the first one always seem to hold a special place. Your best collector is your camera ... always have it on hand and take tons of photos! You won't regret it!

  6. Wow - it is amazing how fast it goes!
    Love the drawings...what a great way to commemorate special occasions!

  7. Wow - time does go quickly! Wonderful drawings. What a great way to commemorate the special occasions!

  8. wow your art is really amazing... you are really great at what you do... all the best to your grandson.

  9. Hi Debbie! Happy to see you stop by and visit a spell! Unfortunately, I don't do enough of these type of drawings; we have 5 grandsons and 5 granddaughters and the boys are always saying I do too many girl drawings and nary enough boy drawings! LOL!

    Hello Critic_Couple and welcome to my blog! It's always a delight to meet new friends. Thanks for your compliments and I will let DayDay know you sent him your best.


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