Monday, January 2, 2012

Day Twenty-three

Ever have one of those day's when nothing seems to go right?   This picture just seems to capture that feeling.....
"A Sad Little Girl"

Mind you, I am not having one of those days ... this picture
just captured my attention and I felt compelled to see
if I could actually capture the feeling.

Having a good day!
Karen Anne Brady


  1. So winsome, wonder why the tears.
    Very pretty details, Karen Anne.

  2. Hmmm, maybe she was having a bad hair day???? (LOL!)

    Thanks Gloria, I really appreciate your stopping by and leaving a comment ... helps to encourage me to keep on going and complete this challenge quest!

  3. Karen Anne, you are so bad! She was having a bad hair day! LOL! I am still laughing! I can't even look at her now, without laughing!! Have a great day! I do think she is adorable ;o) Even with the bad hair! LOL! Karen Anne, I can't stop laughing, I have to go! LOL!

  4. Stacy ... oh Stacy .... You have me laughing sooooo hard, I think I'm gonna bust a gut! Thanks for stopping by kiddo!

  5. No, not her hair, she waited for someone and they didn't show up to play or he loves me, he loves me not...poor kid!

  6. Oh, I like your version Gloria ... ever so much sweeter and a bit romantic ... I love it when people begin to see stories in my drawings.


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