Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day Twenty-four

Day twenty-four is here and I found a picture of this little guy reading a book that I thought was very sweet.  The intensity on his face was captivating and I thought it would make for a good challenge sketch. 

Being right handed, I have a very difficult time drawing anything that is facing to the right ... I never seem to get the proportions correct ... guess my mind just works that way.  Since I am challenging myself, I thought OK - I'll try ... not everything in life is easy!  But drawing a subject facing to the left is definitely easier for me .... so here is today's sketch that I have titled "Beginning Reader"....

Enjoy the day!
Karen Anne Brady


  1. Now this is the fella with the bad hair, but he's so engrossed reading that he doesn't care! Cute pudgy arms. He looks as if he's got a slingshot in his back pocket. Great sketch Karen Anne!

  2. So cute Karen Anne, but I have to say, I started laughing again! See what you did to me ;o) Have a great day ;o)

  3. I must say, you both have me chuckling! I like your concept of a slingshot in his back pocket Gloria, and happy to have made you laugh Stacy!

    I think I'm gonna stick to drawing people straight on or facing to the left ... with PhotoShop I can always flip the drawing to face right. Why stress myself out (especially at my age) struggling to do something that feels so foreign to my mind and hand.
    God blessed us with Photoshop!

  4. Karen Anne, I never thought about what you said about difficulty with drawing things facing right when you are right handed! Maybe that is MY problem! He's a cutie for sure, and I like the Hummingbelle clothing you drew next, too :)

  5. Yeah, Debbie, I noticed that a long time ago .... if I took the original photo, flipped in in Photoshop and printed it out and used that as my model ... the drawing would have probably turned out much better ... hmmmm ... maybe I'll just try that for my next challenge sketch! What do you think?

    I'm glad you like the paper doll outfit!

  6. Love the drawing! He does look mischievious (or am I just always suspisious because I have three little boys of my own?!) Interesting about the left vs. right facing. I have noticed that myself, but never really stopped to think about why!

  7. I have a tendency to analyze what I do, which resulted in my theory about about left and right facing drawings. I think tomorrow I am going to test it and print a copy of that picture, flip it and actually see if it does make a difference ... I think my theory is correct ... let's see! This should prove interesting ... why don't you try the same thing Debbie? Can you draw an object facing left better than one facing right?


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