Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 41

Paper Whites fit the bill for quick and easy today .....

Happy Sketching!
Karen Anne


  1. You know Karen Anne, I was expecting a little fairy to be popping her head out of the leaves ;o) I don't know why?
    This sketch is quick and easy, but very lovely too ;o)

  2. Probably, Stacy, because almost every flower drawing you have ever seen of mine has a fairy somewhere .... You are right! I should have put a little fairy peeking out from behind ...

    Thank you for being in my life. I truly appreciate your friendship.

  3. Hi Karen Anne! Wow what a challenge! I've been peeking at your sketches, they are wonderful, especially the buffalo, spectacular!!

  4. Hey Debbie! Thank you! I am delighted that you have been following along ... this is a fun journey, why not join in?

    Thank you for letting me know you like the Buffalo Head ... now THAT one was really a challenge! LOL!

  5. A pretty reminder of Spring to come! I am amazed at the patience and detail you achieve in each of these drawings. I like how you incorporated your signature into this one, too!

  6. Thanks Debbie, these little sketches are a lot of fun ....


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