Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Days 37 and 38

Not sure exactly why but I decided to try my hand at drawing a Buffalo Head .... so I found a photograph and began day 37 .... as I have said before, drawing animals is not my strong suit.  When I was done, I looked at the sketch and thought ... "Wow, I have just sketched a Werewolf with horns!" ....

Day 37 - First attempt at sketching a buffalo head ...

On Day 38 I found a different photo of a buffalo, this one had a great more details and I could see it a lot more clearly; and decided to attempt another version, but this time I grabbed a sheet of notebook paper and did a pencil pre-sketch to get the feel of the subject, the shadowing, and the shape of the head.  Well, this one at least looks like a buffalo and not a werewolf ... maybe the third time will be a charm????

Day 38 ink sketch version of the buffalo head ... I think I put in about 4 hours on this sketch because I really wanted it to turn out good, so I went much slower and paid a lot more attention to detail.  I think this version turned out much better!
Moral of the story?  Just keep on trying!
Happy sketching!
Karen Anne


  1. Thank you so much, Lise ... I have missed you ... so good to see you again ...

  2. My friend, I agree the last one is the best, but you know, I love your werewolf with horns!!!!! I think he is really cool!!! You should do some aceo's with him and it doesn't have to be just for Halloween! Have a great day!

  3. Oh Stacy, you never fail to bring a smile! I'll think about turning werewolf with horns into an ACEO ... if I do, you get the first one I print up! Have a great day yourself!

  4. Love the final one, as a matter of fact I marked it as a favourite this morning when I was browsing Etsy :)

  5. Ahhhh, thank you Shelle! I wish I would have been late sending you the other ACEO so that I could have included a copy of that one for you too....


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