Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day Twenty-six

Today I wanted to see if drawing the picture I did on day twenty-four would turn out different if I first scanned the photo to my computer, then put it in Photoshop, flipped it so that the young boy was now facing to the left (as opposed to facing to the right in the original sketch), and proceed to draw it from that view.

I think my theory of drawing subjects straight on or facing to the left is much easier for me than subjects facing to the right as I am a right handed artist is true, because this sketch came out much better.  I guess I must see everything from a right handed point of view???

Oh, I also learned that it is wise to keep your old pens, that are nearly out of ink, on hand because they are great for ink shadowing!  Yes!

Happy sketching!
Karen Anne Brady


  1. Karen Anne, he is so cute! I love his ear and his hair looks good! LOL! Ink Shadowing! Thank you! I've learned something new today ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  2. Thanks Stacy! Yep those older, almost dried out ink pens still have a useful purpose!

  3. I think there really is something to your theory--he looks adorable!

  4. Great sketch Karen Anne - such a sweet looking little boy! You do a great job with the hands. I still have to test your left vs. right facing theory. I know that one way is definitely easier for me - I just can't remember which one it is - I have to get myself to sit down and try it without really thinking about it ;-)


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