Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 44

In our home we have hanging on a wall a "Hooded Monks Candle Holder" which is very old and made of plaster, ergo very delicate.  I used to have it next to the fireplace with each of the candle holders filled with wooden matches for lighting fireplace fires, but they seemed to be in harms way so I moved them to a more protected and safer area. 

Today I was walking through the house in search of a subject matter for Day 44 and spied them on the dining room wall and thought "Yes!  Perfect!", a fun subject filled with lots of character!
Day 44

Thirty-six sketch days to go and I will earn my "Artistic License" from Brenda Swenson! 
Here is a sample of Brenda's artistic license....
Of course the one I receive will have my name and picture on it ....
what fun!

Happy Sketching!
Karen Anne


  1. Yay! Only a little over a month to go! You are doing so well coming up with subject matter!

  2. Karen Anne, I love your hooded monks candle holders! I have to admit, the one in the middle looks like a smiling sneaky little devil! LOL!

    Artistic license?? Wow!!Impressive!!

  3. Oh thanks Debbie, it seems to get a bit harder each day to find something I'd like to sketch! I have "stuff" all over, but somedays it is hard to choose! LOL!

  4. He does, doesn't he Stacy! LOL! It's just a fun little reward for completing the challenge ... but think how much fun I'll have whipping it out and stating "I just used my Artistic License...!" Hee Hee


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