Sunday, January 29, 2012

Days 49 and 50

Day 49 "A Mannequin Of Many Moves"

Day 50 "The Little Dancer"


  1. Those mannequins are really dancing away! Very cool my friend! And, The Little Dancer is too cute! Love her!

  2. LOL! I found that little guy at a thrift store awhile back ... he is kinda stiff and hard to position ... I figure he must have mannequin arthritis .... but his does help out somewhat with body movement ...

  3. The Little Dancer is actually my granddaughter, when she was around 5 ... she was a contrary student ... wanted to do everything her way, spent a lot of time in "time out" at her dance classes ... but she was as cute then as she is now! I was actually surprised when they performed at her recital with the rest of her class and she knew the routine quite well. She must have been watching and "mind" dancing ... much like I do "mind" drawing ....


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