Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 53

Today is Day 53 and I felt like doodling .... so today's sketch is titled "It's A Doodle Day"!

Call me a fool, but I have also started another challenge ... this is a fun challenge.  Over a period of 29 days (beginning 2/1/2012) each party draws one face, posts it to their blog, which is linked to the originating blog, Ayala Art.  What is really cool is that when you go to Ayala Art's blog you will find a list of all the talented artists who are participating in this fun challenge & you are able to click on their name(s) and be linked to their blog where their drawing is posted!

Since I have the "75 Day Sketch Challenge" being posted in this blog, all of my "29 Faces" drawings are being posting on my other blog,, so you can also hop over there!


  1. Oh, my! A new look to your blog! I like it! And all of your zentangle drawings as well!

  2. I really like this doodle my friend! It's fun, fresh, cute, and interesting! Well done ;o)

  3. You are wonderful the way you push yourself & create even more great work!


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