Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 74 of "75 Day Sketch Challenge"

Have you ever had a colored pencil that you just love but can no longer find that particular color (for one reason or another) and you are down to the stub and rationing out its useage?  Desperately holding onto that little bit that is left, just wishing you could extend its life just a wee bit longer....

Well, I stumbled upon General's "Pencil Extender"!  It is marvelous!  You just insert your little stub into the metal holder & use the crimp ring to secure it and voila!  You have a manageable pencil again!


  1. Karen Anne, are you telling the truth, or is this something you made up for the challenge??? ;o) Well, if this is true, this is very cool!! And, I love the sketch too!!!

  2. It is entirely the truth Stacy! I found them at and I am delighted to made this find!

  3. Very cool! Thanks ;o) Just making sure you weren't drinking too much! LOL!

  4. Me? Drink too much? Oh my, that was another lifetime .... course that involved Canada and the many Canadian campground parties we were invited to .... Canadians know how to camp and how to Partay!

    Canadians are, by far and away, the most generous, friendly, sharing and loving people in this world. If one wants a beautiful and loving place to visit ... Go to Canada!

    Our family has been enriched by our Canadian experiences....and our Canadian friendships.

    God bless Canada! God bless all of our Canadian friends.

    First time I visited Canada? Our honeymoon in 1968. Back then, it was really easy to cross the border ... now one needs a passport, but it is well worth it.

  5. Hey my friend! Yes, we do like our beer! LOL! I hope we are still friendly and giving! I have to admit, our land is changing and I don't like it! I am so happy you and your family have had such great Canadian experiences! Big Hugs ;o)

  6. Well, I can honestly say that (in over 44 years now) I have never met a Canadian that I did not like!


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