Sunday, February 19, 2012

Days 70 and 71

Day 70 "My Favorite Purse"

Day 71 "May Favorite Doll, Raggedy Ann"


  1. Your purse, looks like my purse! Love it! Mom has to get a new purse soon! Love Raggedy Ann ;o) So sweet! Hope you are having a great day!

  2. I found my purse at a thrift store for $12, thought it looked like a good deal ... googled it and found out I had a great deal!

    I used to carry large purses that had everything (less the kitchen sink) and plop it in the baby seat of my shopping cart, unprotected, until the day two people shuffled between me and my shopping cart ... I thought they were rude ... until I a minute later I went to check out and discovered they had stolen my billfold! Lucky for me, my son and his family had stopped by for a visit and he had me get on the phone immediately to stop all activity on everything in that billfold.

    About 3 weeks later I received my billfold in the mail (minus the cash and my driver license) ... but that billfold was special ... it was an anniversary present from my Jim and I received it back & I was very greatful.

    Now I carry a small purse that is over one shoulder and resting on the opposite hip ... that is the purse in this post. Go lite ladies and never leave your purse exposed to predators!

  3. Your number series is amazing, RA is sweet- love her hair- it reminds me of petals of a mum flower.

  4. Karen Anne, I am so sorry!! People! Errrrrr!!! I am happy you got your billfold back!

  5. Well, I learned a valuable lesson ... NEVER leave your purse unattended!

    I was very happy to get my handmade billfold back!

  6. LOL! You are right New End! Raggedy Ann's hair does look like the petals of a mum flower ...


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