Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 75 of the "75 Day Sketch Challenge"!!!!!!

I made it!  YA-HOO!  I did it, I did it, I did it!  Here is sketch Number 75!  Before my Mom's macular degeneration became so severe, she carved some of the most amazing pieces of art out of wood.  This drawing is of one of her simpler pieces ... a wood spoon that I now have hanging in my kitchen ....


  1. Yeh!!! I am doing my happy dance for you!! You did it my friend! Wow! What an accomplishment!!!
    Your mother carved wood? Amazing! This spoon is so beautiful! What a precious memory to have and to hold! Big Hugs ;o)

  2. Yep! Stacy, my Mom is an amazing artist ... I remember when I was so very young and she gave me 3 bottles of paint, red, yellow and blue. She told me with these three colors I could create all the colors of the rainbow. Then she told me how, if you mix red and yellow you get orange; if you mix yellow and blue, you get green; then she said ... experiment ... see the colors you can create with these three colors. That was an awesome lesson and experience she gave me.

    After she could no longer carve wood, she went onto creating patch work quilts ... OMG, her patterns were so complex that I said to her one day .. "Mom, you are painting with material!" ... Some of her quilts looked like water color paintings ...

    What is really sad is that macular degeneration has robbed her of her love. She is 90 and still so healthy that, with good eye sight, she could sooooo be enjoying creating.

    Getting old has its advantages and disadvantages...

    Karen Anne

  3. Your mom is a beautiful, talented, creative, loving lady! I would love to see some pictures of her quilts! I am so sorry she can't enjoy creating anymore! Bless her heart!!

  4. Oh my! I just realized I do not have any photos of her quilts .... how amiss of me!


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