Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 69

Today was one of those days when I just couldn't settle on what to sketch, so I decided to try my hand at one of those drawings where you put the pen to the paper and don't lift it up again until you are finished ... a one line scribble drawing?   I don't know what it's called but here is my rendition ....

Not one of my better efforts, but at least I sketched something today!  


  1. My friend, you might not think it is one of your better efforts, but I think you did fantastic!! Especially since you didn't lift up your pen!! Wow!!! Big Hugs ;o)

  2. Well, Stacy, it was kinda fun ... probably took less than five minutes ... try it sometime ... it is an interesting experiment!

    Big hugs special friend,

    PS Today ... Karen + Jim = 44 years!
    Best gift? Those 44 years plus many more to come....

  3. I love this - I think this kind of spontaneous method leads to the most amazing work!

  4. 44 years! Wow! Big Hugs, you two are adorable together!

  5. Hi Geri! I don't know if this piece is amazing but it certainly is spontaneous! Thank you ...

    Thanks again MagicLoveCrow .... not sure about adorable ... but I will admit that we have gotten so old that many refer to us as "cute" and "funny"! LOL!


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