Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 68

I guess I was in a silly mood today when I drew this sketch ... I was remembering when the kids were little and I would let them have a bubble bath and they would sink down below the bubbles and pop up!  I guess a good title for this sketch could be ....

"Bubble Wrapped"


  1. Bubble Wrapped LOL, used to love bathtime fun, the kid's the toys & bubbles... this is great Karen Anne! Hey do you post these on the 29 pages Facebook page? I haven't seen you there I don't think?

  2. Whoops! No I haven't ... guess I better pop over there and do a bit of posting??? Thanks Shelle!

    When I posted this I thought I was out there on the imagination highway ... then I went to your blog ... Wow! You are amazing! You are incredible! I LOVE what you did!

    (If you are reading the comments in this blog ... be sure to check out Shelle's work at

    She blew me away today!

  3. Very cool ... and I love the title :)

  4. Karen Anne, I LOVE her!!!! I always loved bubble baths, I still do ;o) Wasn't Shelle's art today great! Have a fantastic day my friend ;o)

  5. Thanks a bunch Julieand Max ... I couldn't resist that title! LOL!

    OMG Stacy .... Shelle blew me away with her paintings! I am just amazed at her versatility! Wow!


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