Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Days 66 & 67

Day 66 "Draftsman Tools"

Day 67 "Bruning Electric Eraser"


  1. These are great, Karen Anne! I never saw an electric eraser before--sounds like something I could use--I erase A LOT! :)

  2. My hubby bought the electric eraser for me over 30 years ago, and it still works great! I like to use Pentel eraser sticks in it. It's kinda loud and bulky but is a lot easier on the paper than hand erasing.

    An electric eraser is a very worthwhile investment ....

  3. Hey Karen Anne ;o) I agree with Debbie, these are great! You have had your electric eraser for over 30 years! Wow! It must have been made in the United States! ;o) I love how you put the draftsman tools together! Have a perfect day my friend ;o)


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