Wednesday, February 6, 2013

One more Bitty Betta!

OK, I just had to try one more Betta!  LOL!  This is a version of the crown fin betta, a siamese fighting fish.  I think this is my final Betta for awhile ... but you never know what tomorrow will bring!

"Bitty Betta #4"

The original ACEO is listed at my eBay Store:

Open Edition ACEO Art Prints are available in my Etsy Shop:

One thing for sure, I am improving on the scales and fins and tail!

Happy day!
Karen Anne aka Ireland Brady


  1. You do amazing with these Karen Anne ;o) This one looks like he is asking for food ;o)

    1. LOL! Your are right Stacy! He does! Didn't even think about that when I was drawing it, but we had a little Betta and that is exactly what he would do when we dropped the fish food into his little bowl! You are very observant! 8)

  2. He's beautiful, and nearly sold--glad Ebay is working well for you!

    1. It is Debbie! Better than I expected ... and that is nice! 8)


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