Sunday, February 3, 2013

"Bitty Betta" a Siamese Fighting Fish

Hi Everybody!

I am experimenting with combining watercolor pencils, colored pencils and art pens.  My goal is to achieve brighter and more vivid colors.  This is one of my first little ACEO attempts and I call him

"Bitty Betta"

The original ACEO is for sale in my newly re-opened eBay Store at this link:

And Open Edition ACEO art prints are available in my Etsy Shop at this link:

My originals don't do that well on Etsy and some friends encouraged me to try selling them on eBay, so far the experience there has been favorable!

Happy day all!
Karen Anne aka Ireland Brady

PS  Looking forward to working on another new ACEO tomorrow.  I like this combination of watercolor pencils, colored pencils and ink!


  1. Beautifully done! I always had Bettas back when I had a tropical fish tank. You did a nice job with the fins!

    1. They really are a beautiful little fish. Thanks Debbie!

  2. Hey Karen Anne???? You didn't let me know you were selling your originals!! Bad girl!! And, I noticed, you aren't selling to Canada??? Hmmmmmm...??? You know I love your art ;o) I have always told you to start selling your originals again!!! I'm glad you listened to some of your friends ;o) Your little fish is stunning ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

    1. Whoops! I am sorry Stacy! I was invited to join an ACEO group on FaceBook and I accepted the invitation then I noticed it was an ACEO group for artists who sold on eBay! Well, I liked the group so I re-opened my eBay store and started listing some of my originals there... My originals didn't do so good at Etsy, the $1 prints do well ... but not the originals.

      I know you like my Oz Series, but I won't be listing them until later and I was definitely going to let you know when!

      I originally had the ebay listing set up for international selling, but that feature wasn't working. A girl in Australia wanted a piece and it wouldn't let her buy it, ended up having to pull it off ebay and having a private sale to accommodate the buyer.

      Just for you (and all my other wonderful Canadian friends) I have changed my ebay listings to include shipping to Canada! Hope it doesn't run into any snags! LOL!

      I plan on doing a bunch of ACEOs in February ... want to hone my techniques using watercolor pencils, colored pencils and art pens. And I will be posting all my listing of those creations here on my blog. If an original doesn't sell on eBay, I'll switch it over to Etsy .... just trying out some new ways of selling.

      Big Hugs! 8)

  3. Thanks my friend ;o) I don't blame you for trying out Ebay. I use to sell on there too, then I switched to Etsy. Now I am thinking, maybe do both? I don't know! I don't want to get too confused! LOL!

    1. Ah, its not that confusing Stacy ... if I can do it at my age ... surely you will be able to do it ever so easily! 8) What was nice was that my Ebay shop was still there just waiting for me to return! LOL!


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