Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Mad as a March Hare"

I belong to a team named "ACEO ~ Art Card Editions and Originals on eBay" (this is their Facebook Page) and each month they hold a theme week contest that runs from the first of the month to the seventh.  The theme for the first week in March is "Mad as a March Hare".  Now of course that title sounded like a lot of fun to me so I just had to create two ACEOs to enter!

Tomorrow (3-1-13), all participants will be posting their entries, I am sure they are going to be quite creative and a lot of fun!  To view the entries, wait until 3/1/13 and go to eBay by using this link:  or just go to eBay and put ACEO TW MAR in the search area.

You know, if you create ACEOs and sell them on eBay ... you might just want to join this group!  The members are wonderfully creative, supportive and welcoming.  I joined through the Facebook page.

So, with no further ado ... here is a preview sneak peek of my two entries in the March Theme Week Contest:

"Mad as a March Hare #1"

"Mad as a March Hare #2"

Now I'll have to actively get down to the pursuit of "clean house" ... ugh.

Have a great day!
Karen Anne


  1. These are so intricately detailed! I just love them!

    1. Boy, I'm sure glad you like them Debbie! They were a lot of fun! 8)

  2. Karen Anne, when I read the title, I thought you were upset! LOL! Glad you're not! ;o) Your mad hares are awesome! Love the details!! Just to let you know, you can clean the house in the summer! LOL! Big Hugs ;o)

  3. Oh Stacy ... if I put it off until summer it'll get way laid by other adventures! Big Hugs! 8)

  4. Hi Karen Anne,
    Your Mad Hare cards are fantastic! I think the second one is the most detailed ACEO that I've seen. It must have taken days to put that much fine line detail into this piece and the bright colors are compelling. Simply beautiful. HUgs

    1. Hi Maddy Rose, the second one is my favorite too. Actually, it took around 4 hours to create, I really favored watercolors (Yarka) in this piece and the colored pencils were used for shadowing(Prismacolor Verithins), then followed by the Prismacolor extra fine tip marker pens. Use of watercolors provided the vivid color and saved hours of work.

      Thanks a bunch for your wonderful comment!
      Big hugs!


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