Friday, February 15, 2013

Bitty Betta 11

Presenting number 11 in my Bitty Betta series ... this little betta seems to have a lot to say!  I wanted to try a beta with an open mouth .. I think he turned out cute ... looks like he is so happy he is singing!

"Bitty Betta 11"

Original ACEO is on eBay:

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Have a grand day everyone!
Karen Anne aka Ireland Brady


  1. He does look happy! I really admire your discipline in doing so many of one thing--and excelling at it!

    1. LOL! I'm not so sure about discipline, Debbie, at this time of the year it is more like me trying to avoid tackling all the paper work I need to get done for the Tax Lady! But I am sure happy that you like my Bitty Betta Family! I just finished #12 and am sitting back with a nice cool beer to celebrate the completion of the series. I'll post #12 tomorrow ... gonna relax the rest of the day ... 8)

      I will say one thing, I have learned a lot with the series, both in doing betas and working on techniques. I am one happy camper!

  2. I love him, I love him, I love him! He does look so happy, singing his tune ;o) Don't talk about taxes! I do mine, my brother's and my mom's! How was your beer? I got a good laugh out of your comment on Deb's blog about the hemp leaf! LOL! Big Hugs ;o)

  3. Ugh, taxes 8( ... no fun! I noticed you have a bid in on this one! I am keeping my fingers crossed that you get the winning bid on it!

    Oh yeah, the hemp leaf ... LOL! Washington State just legalized it and it is "medical" marijuana is legal in Oregon, so that leaf is prevalent as advertising in both States ... 8) . I'll stick with my beer and butterscotch schnapps!

    Big big hugs to you too Stacy!


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