Saturday, February 16, 2013

"Bitty Betta #12" !

The series is complete!  Here is the final little charmer .....

"Bitty Betta 12"

Hmmm, he seems to look a bit sad that the series is ending.....

You can find the original ACEO for sale on eBay:

Open Edition ACEO Art Prints on Etsy:

Wishing you all a great weekend!
Karen Anne aka Ireland Brady


  1. Karen Anne, this series has been awesome, the colours, personalities of those sweet little bettas, i can see them framed side by side like you see them in the shops all next to each other but separate so they don't fight... Congrats on completing a fabulous series :)

    1. You know, I've often thought about the fact that you have to keep bettas separated due to their fighting to the death aggressiveness ... and wonder how they are able to reproduce?

      Thank you so much for letting me know you like this series! Obviously you do, you have the winning bid on a couple of them now! THANK YOU! I derived a great deal of pleasure from working on them.

      Today I tried my first attempt at a mermaid, I'm trying to work out any "kinks" in the way I am thinking of doing them. At least I have the first proto-type under my belt ... the first one is always the hardest! Hoping to try another tomorrow ... Oma Linda has the Altered Oz Party coming up in March and I am thinking it would be fun to create "Glinda" and the "Wicked Witch" in mermaid format..... 8)

  2. Hey Karen Anne, I think it would be funny to see Glinda and the Wicked Witch in mermaid format! LOL! That is too funny!!
    Your little fish does look sad! His little fin is even turned down! Congrats on a great series!! A+++

    1. I guess he is really feeling sad and left out ... no one has even bidded on him yet! Sad little soul ... but, on the bright side, if he doesn't get any bids I will get to keep on of my Bitty Betta originals!

      Not sure if I will really do "Glinda" and the "Wicked Witch" as mermaids .. but it is one of my silly ideas!

      Completed my first Mermaid proto-type yesterday ... today I began working on another version ... so far she is looking good ... we'll see what tomorrow brings! 8)

      Thanks for the great rating on the Beta Series Stacy! Big hugs! 8)

  3. Congratulations on the series! I like the outlining on this one.

    I too am interested to see Oz translated into the sea world!

    1. Oh thanks Lise! Its great you like the final beta!

      Not too sure I'll have time for Oz translated into sea world .... have other stuff to take care of that will be keeping me busy for the next several weeks ... *sigh* ... dreading it, but can't escape it any longer. Taxes and house re-organization ... 8(


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