Sunday, April 1, 2012

WIP - Day Two

Our two youngest grandchildren spent the night and I didn't get much work completed on the piece as I would have liked,   I did manage to add more shadowing to the face.  This time I am trying out mineral spirits applied with a paper stump for blending the colors.

At one point, I had muddied the shading so badly I was ready to toss the piece, but I really hate to waste a good piece of paper.  Instead I used an X-acto knife blade to gently scrape away the offending mess, praying I wouldn't mess it up further.

I finally put it aside, feeling like it was only good for experimenting further with different techniques.  After a couple hours, I went over to see what I could salvage and much to my surprise, it didn't look half bad!  I had forgotten a key rule when using mineral spirits ... you have to let the paper completely dry before moving on!  When mineral spirits are used for blending they tend to turn the paper a grayish hue, making the area look muddy; once the paper is dry you can see the true results.

Day Two (I still haven't titled it)

Guess I will continue and see where the piece leads me......

Happy Day!
Karen Anne Brady


  1. Thanks for this post ... I always learn something here.

    Hugs and Happiness to all.

  2. That makes me feel really good! Thanks for letting me know ArtSings!

  3. I just found your blog and so glad that I did. I really like your project archives and looking forward to taking more time and going through them one by one. I enjoy that you show the process of your work . . . great blog! Your newest follower, Connie :) Please come on over and pay me a visit, you may decide to follow as well. Have an incredible day.

  4. it's amazing assisting you while working :D

  5. You don't like my title??? Well, ok, we just can't be friends anymore! LOL! Just teasing ;o) I can't wait to hear what you call it ;o) I understand about not wasting a good piece of paper. I can actually say, I have only thrown out one aceo, so far! Knock on wood ;o) I think your drawing is turning out fantastic ;o)Don't be so hard on yourself ;o)

  6. Happy to have you along on this learning adventure, Elettrarossa!

  7. Welcome Connie! So happy to have you join in! Delighted you are enjoying the project archives, it is so much more fun when sharing.

    I did visit your blog and very much enjoyed your latest post on the back roads of Oregon. Course, I am a bit partial to Oregon myself. Your photo graphs are wonderful, well thought out, and beautifully presented with your delightful narrative.

  8. Love your comments regarding technique!


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