Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Little Girl WIP - Day Five

 Today I worked on the hair, adding more colors and detailing it with illustration pens in sepia and brown.  To place a bit more emphasis on the hair highlights, I used an X-acto knife point tip to lightly scratch away color in a few areas.

I then applied a wash of Prismacolor soft core salmon pink to the entire face area to deepen the facial tones and add some much needed pink to the flesh.  After that I proceeded to add the delicate eyebrows and eyelashes using extra fine tipped illustration pens.

Tomorrow I think I'll begin work on the hands and quite possibly her shirt, in the photo her shirt is pink but I'm kinda leaning towards changing that color to lavender.  Anyway, here are the results of today's efforts.

Happy Day!
Karen Anne Brady

PS  I am using techniques I have learned and am learning from the book "Colored Pencil Portraits - Step by Step" by Ann Kullberg and my other favorite book, by Alyona Nickelsen in her book "The Colored Pencil Painting Bible".


  1. What can I say???? Perfect!!! She is such a darling ;o) So much work you do on these drawings! I think lavender would be good too ;o)

  2. Great! One more vote for lavender! Thanks Stacy!

    I'm at a time in my life where I can actually take the time to learn more ...

  3. ...It's going ahead very fast! I love the highlights in the hair ...


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