Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beach Scene - WIP - Day 2

On this day I took the tracing paper drawing and transferred it to Stonehenge paper (size 9" x 12") with the aid of my trusting, old, dependable light table.  This time I used a terra cotta color pencil to transfer the drawing, it's a bit on the pale side but at least this color will not interfere with the colors I add.

Over the area with the little girl and the sand I placed a sheet of clear fisker plastic, so that I won't be rubbing off skin oils or smudge that part while I am working on the driftwood pieces portion.  I am deviating from the colors in the photo because I like all the different hues and tones of driftwood (I love to collect odd twisted pieces of driftwood when I'm at the coast ... they remind me of beautiful works of art created by Mother Nature).  Some pieces are relatively new and hold some of their original color, whilst other pieces have turned wonderful shades of grey and whitened in light of the sun.   Others have been used in relation to a cozy beach fire and display charred pieces of varying degrees of charcoal and deepest black.  They are each, like us, unique in their shapes, forms and degrees of character.

I began with the first piece of wood and traversed across the page until six pieces have been completed.  Tomorrow is sure to see the addition of more pieces and perhaps the first indications of the ocean in the background.  I figure if I don't do well on the ocean, I can always turn it into a pile of sand!

Happy day!
Karen Anne Brady


  1. ...The starting image is amazing! Good luck!

  2. Thanks Elettrarossa ... I really appreciate your input and your wishes of good luck.

  3. You are so funny! You can turn the water into sand! LOL! Great way to think about it! The drift wood is looking amazing!!! Hugs ;o)

  4. Glad you like the driftwood Stacy!

    Well, hopefully the ocean will work out ... the one thing I love about art work is that you can change things as you progress!

  5. Only happy accidents in art! The driftwood looks wonderful, and I am sure the ocean will, too.

  6. I agree Debbie, sometimes accidents add that extra something the picture was needing! I think of those "accidents" as a helping hand from God.

    I am working on the ocean and I think I have it .... backgrounds are not my forte and I am determined to learn how to do them!


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