Saturday, April 28, 2012

Question ....

I am beginning work on a new illustration and I was wondering if I have done too many works in progress (WIP) on my blog?  Would you like me to post daily pictures of this piece, or wait until I have finished it, made it into a slideshow video and then post that?

Your comments will help me determine which way to go ....

In the meantime, here is the sketch I worked up on tracing paper ... this is a beach scene.  I want to work mostly on back ground in this illustration and this sketch is loaded with beach treasures and driftwood and lots of sand!

These are the two photos I am working from,  I like the way the little girl is positioned in the first one and the driftwood in the second photo has a lot of character.....


Here is the sketch I created using these two photos and then adding more "stuff" to the overall drawing ...
Thanks for your input on whether you prefer daily postings or a slide show video when this project is completed!

Happy Day!
Karen Anne Brady


  1. I say it's your blog - do what you want to do!!
    Stay inspired!

  2. LOL! I like your spunky attitude Michelle! However, if I am boring people with too many WIP's I may end up with no one actually stopping by to visit and say "Hi!"....

  3. Hey Karen Anne, I'm with the Michelle--do what you want to do! Personally, I enjoy seeing the progression even though I may not comment on every post, I've read them. It's nice for you,too, to perhaps document what worked or didn't work for you.

  4. Cool! Too votes to share progress drawings! I kinda like sharing as well, I feel like once in awhile I'm actually giving little tips to my friends.

    My hubby gave me a very good suggestion; he said I should post my end of the day progress here on the blog ... but during the course of the day, make several scans and use all those extra scans for a more detailed work in progress slide show video. I think that is a grand idea!

  5. Three votes ;o) I love seeing your works in progress and you do give us little tips! I appreciate that! Love the new piece! It's going to be great seeing the background done!! Can't wait ;o)

  6. Your hubby is always coming up with good ideas ;o)

  7. Wonderful! I'm glad I am helping and not boring people, thank you for letting me know. Well, Stacy, I'm working on the driftwood right now and it is coming along nicely.

    My hubby does come up with good ideas, doesn't he?! I am truly lucky to have a hubby who supports my artistic endeavors ....

    Happy day!

  8. Karen, I am reading your blog, but blogger stopped supporting Internet Explorer and haven;'t gotten access lately (until downloading google chrome). So, you do have an audience. Just wanted to let you know why I was absent.


  9. Ahhh Lise, you are so special and sweet, just like your art work, Thank you for letting me know you like the WIPs too.

    Have you tried Firefox? I switched over to that awhile back and I have been very happy with it. It's free and is really worth it ... try FireFox, I'm sure you'll like it! <3

  10. I personally enjoy following the creative process...

  11. Thanks for letting me know Elettrarossa!

    Needless to say, I am happy that all of you enjoy the WIP process and it will be my pleasure to keep sharing each day with you.


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