Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Little Girl WIP - Day Six

This day found me working on my little girl's hands and shirt, yep - I decided I like lavender!   Right now I have about 5 or 6 layers on the shirt of different shades of lavender and purple, I finished off today by using a paper stump to softly blend these colors together.

I am sure to be doing quite a bit more work on the shirt tomorrow and probably the hands as well.  For now, I am pleased with the way the progress is going.  Maybe tomorrow I will have a completed illustration for you?  We'll see ....

 I cleaned out my freezer earlier today (tomorrow is recycle/trash day) and found two nice New York steaks buried in there, so guess what I'll be popping onto the old BBQ tonight!  Right now they are nicely marinating away in some Kalbi (Korean) Marinade - Yum!   That, along with some Rice-A-Roni Fried Rice on the side plus a loaf of crusty french bread should prove to be a tasty dinner!

Happy Day!
Karen Anne Brady

PS  I am using techniques I have learned and am learning from the book "Colored Pencil Portraits - Step by Step" by Ann Kullberg and my other favorite book, by Alyona Nickelsen in her book "The Colored Pencil Painting Bible".


  1. Her curls are fabulous! Purple is my favorite color--so glad you chose it for her shirt! Must be the season--I just defrosted our big freezer, too!

  2. First of all, and most important, can I come over for dinner? LOL! ;o))) My mouth is watering ;o)
    What is a paper stump Karen Anne?
    Your little girl is turning out stunning! You know what, I love her little finger nails! I never noticed that before. The lavender looks perfect ;o) Have a great day ;o) Hugs ;o)

  3. Hi Debbie! So happy to hear you like how the curls turned out, I was kinda worried about them. You know what the best thing to use for cleaning out your freezer? Rubberized gardening gloves!

    Hey Stacy! A paper stump is tightly rolled paper that is sharpened on either end and you use it for blending.
    Sure, come on over for dinner! As it turned out, I had forgotten to put a bag of shrimp back into the freezer yesterday so we ended up having opened faced shrimp & blue cheese sandwiches last night. Tonight we'll be the steaks and side dishes!

  4. Karen Anne, are you a chef too? I can smell and taste everything you are describing!!! ;o) Double yummy!
    Thanks for explaining the paper stump ;o)

  5. LOL! Not a chef Stacy! Just raised by a mother of German ancestry who made everything from scratch. When I was a kid I didn't realize that you could buy egg noodles, bread, cakes and cookies from a store. I thought everyone bought eggs, flour, milk, sugar, etc. and cooked and baked the way my Mom did (and still does). Mom bought basics and created delicious meals. Then I went to school and saw all the neat lunches other kids had ... soft Wonder bread, hostess twinkies and cup cakes, sandwich meats and the like .... I got my first tastes of those foods by trading my peanut butter and honey on homemade bread with other kids and thought I was the winner! They got that dumb homemade bread and I got their soft bread bologna sandwich! But I did love coming home on bread making day because Mom always had something special she had made with extra bread dough ... like buttery cinnamon rolls or fried bread dough with cinnamon sugar over the top...

    There were 6 of us kids and Mom used a canning pot to mix the dough and I was amazed. Once I asked her for the recipe measurements and she said "I'm not sure, I just know when its right like my Mom did before me...."

    When I first married Jim, I was a worthless cook. Over the years what I remembered seeing Mom do slowly kicked in. Now if I have a dinner, no one turns me down! LOL!

    I can honestly day, I am a good cook but I am no culinary artist.

    Big hugs Stacy girl!

  6. That hair looks so gorgeous! Congrats!


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