Monday, April 30, 2012

Beach Scene WIP - Day 3

Most of the driftwood has now been completed, just the large piece behind the little girl and a small piece sticking out from under remain unfinished and they should be completed tomorrow.  I did manage to work in the ocean and blend it into the sky, and I think I'll keep it!  I have never before attempted ocean waves but these look pretty good to me, glad they were distant waves!

Guess you can now see that I am pretty much committed to sharing this work in progress with all of you.  I want to thank all you for your input and encouraging me to do so.  Gosh, I certainly have some really nice friends!

Happy Day!
Karen Anne Brady 

PS  Did you notice the extra piece of driftwood that I added to the pile??? 8~D


  1. Hey Karen Anne ;o) You have some really nice friends, because you are really nice ;o) I meant that!!! ;o)This piece is stunning already! The background is amazing! I did notice the extra piece of driftwood ;o)I don't know what to say? I shouldn't be surprised! You are great at what you do ;o) Hugs ;o)

  2. Stacy, my dear dear friend, I think you are biased in my favor ... but thank you for watching me so closely and (Yay) you saw that extra piece of driftwood!

    Let's see where "Tomorrow" takes this picture!


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