Saturday, April 7, 2012

WIP - Day Eight

Yesterday I thought I had finished and, as usual, I placed the piece on a small easel on our coffee table.  Every so often I look at it and think, OK its fine.  Later in the evening my husband remarked that the line on the jaw made it look like the boy was holding up a mask to his face.  I looked at it again and could clearly see what he meant, it did look more like a mask than a face! 

Taking his critique, today I worked on the jaw line and neck areas ... adding more shadowing and softening the sharp line.  Believe me, I was really concerned about overworking it and had to get up and walk away several times.  My husband and I finally agreed that this is a good as it is going to get ... so, I hope you like the subtle changes ....

I think I have decided to title this piece "Tender Young Thoughts",  what do you think?

Happy Day!

Karen Anne


  1. I have to admit to you Karen Anne, I had to go back to your older post and see the difference. I can notice ;o)I am happy you both finally agreed ;o) He is stunning! I love the feeling in his eyes! The title is very sweet ;o)
    Hugs ;o)

  2. Jim was right, and Stacy, thank you for taking the time to see the difference ...

    I know the title didn't have chocolate cake in it, but I am glad you like the title.

    If you come up with something better, let me know. I still haven't listed this one in Etsy..... ergo I am open to better suggestions!

  3. This is absolutely precious! Perfect title too! Happy Easter! Deb

  4. Thanks Deb! Glad you like the title ... guess I'll stick with it!

  5. Perfect title for a beautiful drawing! A little late since I had to drive my daughter back to college yesterday, but, Happy Easter, Karen Anne.

  6. Hey Debbie! Thanks for letting me know you like the title as well ... three votes for the title works for me!

    Thanks friends!

  7. This is GORGEOUS!! It sounds like good advice, sometimes when I work on something too long I think 'fresh' eyes can see what we as artists can't, love the title, he does look lost in thought & such a sweet innocent look :) Hope to get back into blogging more regularly - heaps of work I neer quite could get time to do anything else, the Easter break was what I needed to get in tune :) I missed you to :)


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