Friday, March 30, 2012

WIP - Day One

Well now, I think I am ready to begin a new colored pencil drawing using the techniques I am learning from "Colored Pencil Painting Bible" (Techniques for Achieving Luminous Color and Unltrarealistic Effects) by Alyona Nickelsen.

I really want to work on the flesh tones in my next illustration so I picked a photo that is mostly head and hands.  I made a rough sketch and cleaned it up by tracing over it using tracing paper to provide clean lines, after which I traced it onto Stonehenge 100% cotton art paper for coloring.  Once it was on my new piece of paper canvas I began working on layering on flesh colors and laying out my shadowing.

Today I found that by using my pencil in an under handed fashion I have more control of the lightness which I apply.  I've noticed that when I use my pencil in the traditional fashion (for writing) I tend to apply too much pressure and too much color too soon (boy, that's a lot of too's).

Following is the progress which was made today .....
                    Photo                           Tracing Paper Sketch               Begin Flesh Tones

I still have not decided what I will title this piece, so if you have a suggestion, please let me know!

Happy Day!
Karen Anne Brady


  1. That is a lot of too's! LOL! What you have done already is amazing Karen Anne! How about the title, "Please God, Let Me Have The Last Piece Of Chocolate Cake" ;o)Hugs my friend ;o)

  2. I forgot to say, it is very interesting, in changing the way you hold your pencil, that you are more in control!

  3. LOL! You are amazing Stacy! This was taken at his sister's second(?) birthday party! And I do believe the cake was chocolate! She was born on 10/30 so all of her birthday's seem to be celebrated with a Halloween Theme!

  4. To be honest, Stacy, I was hesitant to try it ... looked like it would be awkward; but, turns out it feels quite natural!

  5. Karen Anne, really??? That is funny! When my sage is burning, I am psychic ;o) LOL!

  6. Hmmmm, perhaps I'll try burning a little sage? Psychic is as psychic does????? :-)

  7. great sketch!...can't wait for seeing the evolution

  8. Another beautiful start! I chuckled at Stacy's first comment--I think she must be psychic!

  9. Shhhhhhhh..don't tell anyone ;o) LOL!


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