Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little Girl .... A Drawing In Progress

I have begun working on a new drawing that encompasses using new (to me) techniques in colored pencil layering and blending.  I did the background yesterday and today I worked on the face, hair and hands.  I thought it might be kinda fun to share each day's progress with you.

When doing the background I layered 4 different colors of Prisma Premier colored pencils,  then I took a cotton ball wetted with mineral spirits  and dabbed at the colored area until all the layers began to fuse together.  The mineral spirits kinda act like a melting agent when dabbed onto the colored pencil and give a unique effect.

When I was working on the face today, I had over layered colors so much so that her skin appeared muddy, so I took some magic tape (the kind you buy in any ol' store) and slowly lifted off the excess layers.  To get extra highlights in the hair, I gently laid a piece of magic tape over the area where I wanted more highlight, and with a pen gently drew the highlight on the tape, removed the tape and the tape removed the excess and gave me the highlight I wanted.

With a fine point pen I added the details of the hair which provided more depth to the picture.  To smooth the skin and the hair ribbon and the dress collar, I gently applied a blender pencil so the shadows appear softer.

So ... here is what I have as of today ....

Tomorrow I plan to work on her outfit ... so tonight I will study the drawing and try to decide the colors that will best work.

See you tomorrow!

Karen Anne

FYI:  The paper I am using is by Stonehenge, 100% Cotton, Vellum Finish, 250 GSM, Acid Free, and made in the USA.   It is amazing - it doesn't warp when wettened!  And believe me, the Mineral Spirits wash I applied really saturated the paper.  You have to wait until all is dry before proceeding.

          Also, important note, when using magic tape to remove excess color, be sure to lift it gently .... at one point, I jerked the tape off and removed a thin layer of paper & had to really work to correct missing patch!  Gentle is the key word when using magic tape to "erase" color.

        Finally, I used masking paper to cover the girl when I was applying the background and then the mineral spirits wash.  Well, the mineral spirits worked their way under the masking paper and desolved the masking paper adhesive leaving behind a sticky goo ... I tried removing it with rubbing alcohol and created a mess .... so I let that dry and tried some lighter fluid ... it worked great!  Removed the goo and the mess the alcohol had left... This is truly turning into one big learning experience.


  1. With all of your new techniques and experimenting, it is looking terrific. I think when the paper lifted off, I might have had to take a walk, your diligence is evident. It'll be great to see the finished piece with her dress colored in.

  2. You know, I don't recall ever having tossed or walking away from a drawing because of a goof up ... And I don't know how this idea got into my head, but ever since I can remember I've always thought it was God just putting me in my place (perhaps I was getting to cocky?)and presenting me with a challenge ... make the best of what is given you and forge on ... kinda like turning a pig's ear into a silk purse?

  3. Hi Karen Anne ;o) I am sorry, I am behind in blogging! This is so impressive! All the different techniques you are using, wow! Tape?? I would have never thought! Hugs ;o)

  4. Oh Stacy... you needn't apologize! I have gotten so caught up in the colored pencil experience that I have been quite blogging delinquent as well! LOL!

    Who'd a thought? Something that simple is a wonderful tool!

    Hugs! :D


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