Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Bowl Of Cherries" Day Four

I began today by removing the masking paper from the arms and neck areas.   I began with a light peach Prisma Premier pencil and added darker shades in layers, this time I used my lightest peach colored pencil to act as the burnishing pencil after which I added shadows using terra cotta and dark brown followed by some additional light burnishing with the terra cotta color.  Then onto the cherries ....
Next I removed the masking paper from the head and started coloring in the flesh of the face.  In the past I have a troubles adding pink to the cheeks so this time I put a layer of a light pink in the cheek areas after which I started layering different shades of peach followed by terra cotta for the initial shadowing.  At this point I was getting tired and decided to call it a day....
There are no instructions in the book  "Colored Pencil Painting Bible" (Techniques for Achieving Luminous Color and Unltrarealistic Effects) by Alyona Nickelsen at for coloring flesh so this is all ad-libbed using the techniques I have learned.  We'll see how I do tomorrow!
Happy Day everyone!
Karen Anne


  1. I am so enjoying watching this beautiful piece emerge bit by bit. The wood is amazing!

  2. Hi Debbie! I am so happy you are enjoying it, and thank you for letting me know.

    Would you believe, the wood was actually the easiest part so far! We have oak Mission Style furniture so I have been using that as my guide for the grain.

  3. Karen Anne, you always have this look on your faces. Maybe it's innocence? I don't know, but it's beautiful ;o) It's interesting in the book, that it didn't have nothing about doing flesh colors? I thought that would be something major to talk about! I can't wait to see what you do next ;o) Hugs ;o)

  4. Your "ad-lib" looks perfect, the piece is nearly finished and it's a story in itself.

  5. the coloring of the skin with color and light is masterful. what an amazing evolution of art. here from stacy's.

  6. Hi Stacy, I know ... I was really hoping it would too. According to Alyona's blog, something should be coming out in the future. This book deals more with still life subjects, but all in all it is filled with a wealth of information.

    Thanks Gloria! I have to be sure to write down the names of the pencils I am using for the flesh. I have made a couple bad judgements in this illustration and had to carefully remove those colors.

  7. Welcome Ed! Glad to have you visit from Stacy's!

    I'm not sure I'd call it masterful at this point ... more like good luck with trial and error! LOL!

  8. Hey I see my buddy Ed came over ;o) He is a really nice guy ;o)

  9. He did! It was so nice to meet him and hear his comments.


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