Friday, March 16, 2012

Little Girl - Drawing In Progress - Day 3

Today I mostly worked on her outfit, but I did add some contrast to the skin tones and hair.  I was able to achieve the black in the dress by first laying a base of deep blue over which I colored black; then I took a small paint brush, dipped it in mineral spirits and dabbed it onto the black of the bodice, this evened out the pencil strokes.

Then, using a flat wide brush, I gently stroked the mineral spirits onto the black of the skirt which left it looking a bit like velvet, which is what I had been hoping for.  I can now see that I must have mixed up my colors when doing the plaid because some areas look pinker than other parts.  Oh well!

Finally I began working on the grain of the woodwork on the mission style couch.  Looks like there is a good chance I will finish it up tomorrow!

If you would like to learn more about these techniques, refer to "Colored Pencil Painting Bible" (Techniques for Achieving Luminous Color and Ultrarealistic Effects) by Alyona Nickelsen.   This is a highly informative book and one of the best investments I have ever made!

Happy Day!
Karen Anne


  1. Karen Anne, she is so special! She has so much feeling in her eyes! I love her ;o)

  2. She's looking even lovelier than before. I like the way she is holding the flower and petals, so intent.

  3. Thanks Stacy and thanks Gloria ... I am really enjoying working on this drawing ... here's to tomorrow! Wish me luck!

  4. Beautiful expression and colors--and such fun to see its progress!

  5. Hi Debbie! Glad you are enjoying this!

  6. Wow! I love how you've done the dress! I mean the whole piece is coming along great, but there is something about rendering fabric that is ever so difficult! And you're mastering it!

  7. I don't know about "mastering", Lise ... but I am definitely improving! LOL! Love that you stopped by!


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