Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Soldier Boy" Day Nineteen Ink Sketch

I am so enjoying going through my old albums!  Today I found a photo from 10/4/1993 and decided to sketch what I call "Soldier Boy"....

Try it you'll like it too!

Karen Anne


  1. Perfect Karen Anne! I don't know how you do it??? Really, I don't know how you do it??? Give up your secret ;o))) Please ;o)

  2. To be honest, Stacy, I don't know!? I tossed out all the rules I have learned over the years and just start drawing what I see (and ask God to guide me) and hope it turns out OK. This is so odd, my drawings are turning out better than ever before ... this 75 Day Sketch Challenge is REALLY something amazing! You should try it ... it really is freeing! I wonder if, when Brenda says its freeing, she means a freeing of the spirit? Hmmmm


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