Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day Eight!

Well, I wasn't sure I'd get Day Eight completed with the Family Christmas Party and all!  So I started it before the get together and put on the finishing touches once we got back home.  The party was great, 40 members showed up, enjoyed all the good food and had grand fun with the gift exchange game!

Today I picked out another Chinaberry Parasite Wood Carving.  This is one of a fish, I like these carvings, they intrigue me how the carver leaves so much of the natural part of the growth and works the subject into the shape of the piece.  They are each unique and individual because each piece of parasite wood is one of a kind.

FYI:  Chinaberry parasite wood carvings come from a parasitic plant, a mushroom-like growth that imbeds itself into the bark of a Chinaberry tree and gets its nourishment from the tree's sap.  These parasite growths are so hard and dense that they don't decay when the tree is dead and rots away, leaving these parasite growths to be picked up and carved into beautiful objects by talented artists.

"Day Eight Ink Sketch"
If you like to know more about the challenge, just click on this link Brenda Swenson's 75 Day Sketch Challenge.
Happy Day!
Karen Anne


  1. Your sketches are wonderful Karen! I'm already behind the game, and I am using pencil. I didn't read the rules close enough that this challenge was ink only.oops! Oh well, the sketching daily in any medium is a good challenge to take on -right?

  2. You betcha! But you know? I am honestly beginning to feel more confident in myself by doing it in ink. Maybe doing it is ink is to help you find your inner most strengths? To draw in pencil is something we are accustomed to, to draw in ink, without pencil guidelines ... well, that (to me) is terrifying! I honestly did not think I would make it to day eight, but I am excited to discover what I will do tomorrow. Maybe try ink for just a bit? Maybe this whole adventure is to challenge ourselves to overcome our fears? Something to think about ...

  3. Hi Karen Anne ;o) I am behind in my blogging! Sorry! Trying to visit some this morning, before more family visits ;o) I am happy your family Christmas Party went well ;o) Love the fish! You are a great artist! Interesting about what you said, maybe sketching in ink is a challenge to ourselves to overcome our fears. Maybe I should give it a try ;o) Hugs ;o)

  4. Thanks Stacy! To be honest, I am finding it quite invigorating! However, I fear the next several days (at least until Christmas has passed) will be rather quick sketches - have a lot of stuff I need to get completed before Saturday night!
    Big Hugs dear friend!


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