Thursday, December 15, 2011

12/15/2011 is Day Five!

These last two ink sketches seem to reflect the fact that I am finding the Christmas spirit!

Day Five's subject is a beaded ornament.  For about 4 years running I made a beaded ornament (cover) for each of my children, their spouses, each grandchild, and many friends.  Each year I would use a different pattern and base the beads used upon the recipient's favorite colors for that year.  The color combinations were sometimes unusual but always unique and individual to that person.

The ornament I used for day five was one of my least complicated patterns ....

"A Beaded Christmas Ornament"

I have still not resorted to use of a pencil and eraser, but I have been sorely tempted!  There was nothing in the rules about using a template, so I did resort to using a circle template in the sketch.  A plain background was just too "plain" so I added different size circles and I think it rather looks like snowflakes or various sized Christmas lights.  What do you think?

Remember, if you want to check out this challenge just go to

Brenda Swenson's Blog "The 75 Day Sketch Challenge".

Merry Christmas!
Karen Anne


  1. Very nice! And it has your signature attention to detail!

  2. Thanks Lise! ... And, if I may say, you are no stranger to detail either! Merry Christmas!

  3. I think it's delightful and am inspired that you are able to produce something new each day all in one go.

  4. Hey New End, thanks for coming back! You know, at this time in my life this challenge seems to be just what I need ... a kick start back to creativeness. I thank you and the other readers who leave little comments ... you are all becoming my support group in this little endeavor and challenge.

  5. Gorgeous Karen Anne! I would love to see these ornaments in real life! I see your little circles as snowflakes ;o)

  6. Ya know what is the funniest? I know I have made over 100 of them over the years and I've only kept about 4 for myself! If I want to see what I have done I need to visit my kids' home at X'mas time so I can see them on each of their family trees! LOL!

    I like the snowflake concept as well....


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