Monday, December 12, 2011

The 75 Day Sketch Challenge

After many days of pondering over the wisdom of taking on Brenda Swenson's "75 Day Sketch Challenge"  I finally decided to make the plunge and take it on!  The challenge being to complete one drawing per day for a period of 75 days .... the goal is to build observation and drawing skills.  The drawings are to be done only in ink ... no pencil or erasers allowed! 

No pencil or eraser and putting pen directly to paper was, to say the least, very daunting to me!  On Day One I decided to try my hand at a bowl and pitcher set on the side board that sits in front of our dinning room window.  I can honestly tell you, this rendition does not even come close to the original; I wasn't able to capture the unique design on the pitcher and just went with the flow; the actual subject is much nicer. 

As an additional challenge I also decided to share my attempts here on my blog ... goof ups and all!  This may just prove to be a very humbling challenge ....

Day One  12/11/2011
I am using a 6"x8" spiral drawing pad for this challenge ... the top of this drawing was cut off because I didn't want to remove the page from the book.  I want to keep all the drawings in tack and watch my progress.

Day Two    12/12/2011
My husband has a collection of curious sea shells residing on top of the built in buffet in our dinning room, so I grabbed one of the shells to use as the subject for my Day 2 attempt.    Drawing without a pencil sketch first is still daunting but, after all, this is a challenge journey!

If you would like to read about the challenge and perhaps try it yourself, just pop over to Brenda Swenson's Blog!

Til tomorrow ....
Karen Anne


  1. Karen Anne, I think you are being too hard on yourself! I think you did a wonderful job! Hugs ;o)

  2. Thank you Stacy! We'll see how this progresses (LOL!) and see if I can earn my "Artistic License"!
    Wouldn't that be fun! Having an "Official" artistic license complete with your pic on it!?

  3. I agree that it is difficult to not apply *some pencil*, but you well! And I am glad you are doing your art again!

  4. Hi Lise! This Challenge is one heck of a motivator! LOL!

  5. These are great Karen Anne! We are on holiday at the moment collecting all sorts of shells & driftwood from our beachcombing - gotta love those shell(e)s he he ;)

  6. Oh Lucky You! I do so love to go beach combing and find shells, driftwood, sand dollars, and beach rocks! Have a wonderful time treasure hunting!


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