Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day Eighteen ... Brotherly Love ....

I was looking though an old photo album and I came across a picture taken on Halloween in 1995.  It was of my oldest grandson (in his Daniel Boone outfit) helping my oldest granddaughter (in her Minnie Mouse outfit) put on her Mouse Ears.  The expressions on their faces captivated me and I wondered if I could possibly capture that in an ink sketch.  Without the assistance of a pre-drawing in pencil ... well, this was truly a challenge!

I guess you never truly know what you are capable of doing until you try......

Happy Day!
Karen Anne


  1. Just catching up with your last few days of sketches, and have to say that you are just so talented. The vase and the granddaughter and now this one, all so terrific!

  2. Well thank you Gloria! I'm so happy you like my work ... I really like drawing children ... I think I'll have to go through some more albums for more ideas ...

    Thanks for the sweet potatoe chips recipe you posted on your blog! Gonna have to try them out one of these days!

  3. I agree with Gloria!!! You are just so talented!!!! This sketch is so cute Karen Anne! A+++

  4. And so are you my Magic Love Crow!

    Happy New Year my dear friend!

  5. Big Hugs, Thanks ;o) Happy New Year my special friend ;o)


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