Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day Three

Today I chose a Chinaberry carving we have to use as the subject of today's ink sketch.

FYI:  Chinaberry parasite wood carvings come from a parasitic plant, a mushroom-like growth that imbeds itself into the bark of a Chinaberry tree and gets its nourishment from the tree's sap.  These parasite growths are so hard and dense that they don't decay when the tree is dead and rots away, leaving these parasite growths to be picked up and carved into beautiful objects by talented artists.

Day Three   12/13/2011

I now have Day Three completed ... only 72 sketches more to do!  I hope I can, I hope I can, I hope I can ....

Happy Day!
Karen Anne

Brenda Swenson's "75 Day Sketch Challenge" 


  1. You can do it Karen Anne! Wicked drawing!!! Great information!!! Thanks ;o)

  2. Stacy ... you are, indeed, my biggest cheerleader! Thank you for always being here for me dear friend.

  3. Intense look on the owl, parasite wood carvings- never heard of it before, TFS!

    You've set a mammoth goal, hope you love each challenge- it's a treat to watch.

  4. Hi New End! Parasite Chinaberry carvings are intriguing ...

    This is a big challenge ... I figure if I post each sketch, people who are watching and commenting will help to keep me motivated!

    Thanks for watching & commenting!


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