Saturday, December 24, 2011

Days Thirteen and Fourteen Sketches

I barely had time to sketch thirteen and fourteen ... but I did!  Quick sketch time!  Day Thirteen is of a cowbell and Day Fourteen is a carnation bud in a bud vase (my grandson son brought me a bouquet of red and white carnations for my birthday and one of the flowers broke .. so voila!  subject of an ink sketch!).

"Day Thirteen  12/23/2011"
"Day Fourteen 12/24/2011"
"Merry Christmas Everyone!"
Karen Anne


  1. Hi Karen Anne ;o) For quick sketches, you did a great job!!! I hope your Christmas was fantastic! I have been up since 7:00am this morning, shopping! It's our boxing day sales! You don't have that in the United States, right? It was nice and quiet, loved it! Take care and hugs ;o)

  2. Thank you Stacy ... no, we don't have Boxing Day in the US ... You know, the first time I heard that term I thought ... "Oh ... Canadians must really like the sport of boxing to have set a day aside to honor it..." (LOL! Silly American that I am!) ...


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