Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mom & Dad ... revisited ...

I have been looking at the "finished" pencil sketch of Mom and Dad for the past few weeks and something about Mom just looked "off".  After talking with my oldest brother, he pointed out that Mom's Iris's were too dark and too large.

Finally, I worked up the courage to "revisit" the sketch and see if I could make any minor adjustments to make it a bit better.  So I resorted to the use of my lighted magnifying lamp and picked up my X-acto knife and very carefully began removing outer edges of the iris's and then I lightened up the inner area ... believe me, I was holding my breath during this entire process!

Then, as a final cosmetic touch, I gave a little more volume to her hair in the back and on top.   So, here is my "final" final version ... (I'm now afraid to touch it any further!)

Hope you like the "improvements" I made!

Karen Anne


  1. This is a beautiful project, your Mom is going to love it. I see where you tweaked the eyes, just that little adjustment and it looks wonderful. You can breathe :)

  2. Yep, I'm breathing a sigh of relief that I didn't mess it up! LOL!

    Thanks Gloria!

  3. Karen Anne, you could never mess anything up! I can notice the change in your mom's eyes, it looks fantastic ;o) Her hair looks great too ;o) Happy you are breathing ;o) Hugs ;o)

  4. Thanks Stacy ... oh, I can mess up but I don't share my true mess ups! LOL!

    Glad you like the changes too!

    Big hugs!

  5. What a lovely drawing. Your Mom is going to be so proud.
    Thanks for visiting by blog and for all your information on the subject of bees. I really don't know how to tell them apart. I think what we have may be yellow jackets . . . but not sure. If they have a stinger . . . I'm not messing around with them. Thanks for all your advice, sounds like you've educated yourself pretty well. I may have bees on the brain . . . but not so much in the brain, LOL. Connie :)

  6. I just wanted to be sure you got my reply to your comment about yellow jackets on my blog.
    So here is a copy of my reply:

    I am so glad that I posted this, because I have been learning a lot about yellow jackets and their behavior. It is also good to be informed and be armed with knowledge. So, if I put tobacco on a sting, I suppose you wet it and get it mushy first, right? I'm not very knowledgeable about tobacco either. I've always heard that if you don't know something, ask. Those that are afraid to let people know that they haven't got a cue about something, ever learn. I really want to know what works and doesn't work when it come to stings. Thank you for sharing. This was very interesting. Connie :)

  7. Your parents have to be very proud! And good to know you can make changes with an exacto knife without doing it all over again (which is the route I always took before I learned your trick here). So thank you for that!


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