Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Celebrate Oz Blog Party is getting closer and closer...

The Celebrate Oz Blog Party is now just around three weeks away!  If you would like to join in on the fun, fly away to Oma Linda's "Olde Baggs 'n Stuffed Shirts" to sign up for the fun!

I have been enjoying creating Oz character ACEO's for the past couple of weeks and have a few more ideas I want illustrate .... in the meantime I thought it would be fun to do some "eye spying"!   Following are the eyes of several Oz characters ... can you tell who the eyes belong to?

Looking forward to your response comments!   "Eye Spy" a Winkie!  Can you?????

Happy "Eye Spying"!
Karen Anne


  1. Hey Karen Anne ;o) I am home! I had my eyes tested today! She put some strong drops in! I got a headache and had to rest for like 4 hours when I came home! Everything was blurry!
    I love this post! I love how you have given sneak peaks of the art you have created! Well done! Big Hugs ;o)

  2. Hey Stacy! I'm sure you all had a wonderful surprise birthday weekend for you Mom!

    Oh my, I have never had eye drops so strong that everything was blurry and I got a headache to boot! Hope you had someone to drive you home....

    I'm happy you like my "Eye Spy" sneak peek! They sure are easy to guess though .... "the eyes tell all!"! LOL!

    Happy Day Stacy!

  3. Fabulous teasers! Your colors pop off the monitor, KA.

  4. LOL! The black background probably has an assist in that Gloria!

    So happy you like my attempt at teasing and tantalizing!

  5. I can see many interesting people and animals, but my eyes are glued to the gaze of the Wicked Witch and of the Scarecrow, especially the latter, for there is a kind of sweetness in his eyes that I really love.

    Can't wait to see his entire face!

  6. Wicked Witches are always so much fun to draw - I'm going to be having a bunch of give aways on the 19th Celebrate Oz Blog Partay .... and at least one person will get to pick an Oz ACEO Series original of their choice ... Fun!

    I like Scarecrow too ... he makes me smile each time I look at him ...

    I am going to start listing the open edition prints of the Oz series in my IrelandBrady.Etsy.com store shortly, so you will probably be able to view full pictures there soon.

    None of the originals will be listed in my Etsy Shop until after the Celebrate Oz Partay ...

    Always so nice to have you visit Magaly! Come again any ol' time!

  7. Well you sure have been busy! The fact that I can guess who they are just by their eyes just reinforces what a fabulous artist you are!

  8. What a wonderful comment Debbie! Thank you! I'm glad you can identify them from their eyes ... they have been loads of fun to work on too....

    Happy Day Debbie!

  9. It's so neat to look at just the eyes of the characters. It's a unique way to set up a reveal. I just purchased several of them for my daughter's Wizard of Oz themed room. I'll be checking back as you reveal more. I can't wait to see that Tinman!

  10. Hey Sammie! So glad you decided to come over for a visit, Welcome!

    Tomorrow the Tin Man will take up residency in my Etsy Shop!


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