Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mom and Dad in 1973

I was visiting my Mom the other day and as I was leaving she handed me a part of a page from "The Hayden Island Yacht Club Roster" that had photos of each of them back in 1973.  At that time Dad and Mom owned a nice little cabin cruiser that they christened the "HannaKane".    Mom's name was Johanna and Dad's, Rickane ... so they combined their two names, hence the unusual and unique name!

She asked me if I could fiddle around on my computer and make it look the two photos were actually one photo.  Of course I said, "Sure Mom!  Happy to do it for you!".  Well, I know diddely about combining two photos but I spent several frustrating hours in PhotoShop trying to fulfill her simple request.  Finally, I thought ... why not do a pencil sketch and combine the two photos into one nice portrait sketch!

Here are the photos that Mom gave me ....
They were printed on matte cardstock and were the little bit worse for wear,   I'm sure someone else could have electronically manipulated them and corrected all the deterioration ... but that someone sure is not me!

So, yesterday I sat down at my table with my graphite and charcoal pencils all lined up along with my dependable blending stubs ... said a prayer to God, asking him to guide my hands and began.  Today I finished work on both Mom and Dad and added a kinda smokey background.  I like the results and hope you do too!

 I'm going to frame this and present it to Mom a bit later, Dad passed away in around 1986 but we all feel his love each and every day.

Proud daughter of two wonderful loving parents,
Karen Anne


  1. Karen Anne, you did a beautiful job! I am sure your mother is going to love it! And, I know your father is smiling right now too ;o) He passed so young! I am sorry! I wouldn't have been able to do the photo shop either! Big Hugs ;o)

  2. Hey Stacy! I sure hope she does! PhotoShop is good for a lot of things, like sizing drawings ... and adding watermarks, and combination photo layouts .... but when it comes to all the other stuff ... I have a load to learn! Big Hugs!!!!


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